Kraftex Seal Coat 100ml

R 45.00

This is a quick-drying, mineral based transparent sealant/varnish which is easy to apply and virtually odourless.

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It is intended for use on decoupage and other general craft products – especially for the coating of difficult objects such as ostrich eggs.

Ideal for use in conjunction with Kraftex Creative Cracks and Kraftex Antique Cracks.


1. Make sure that the surface which you are coating is completely dry.
2. Pour the required amount of Seal Coat into a container and immediately
close the bottle to stop evaporation.
3. Brush coat your surface relatively quickly – Seal Coat dries rapidly and
soon becomes tacky.
4. Clean brush with methylated spirits.

1. Test compatibility of Seal Coat with ink surfaces before using.

2. Test compatibility of Seal Coat with the paint you are using on scrap wood/paper first.