Black Canvas Primer – Zellen

R 140.00

  • 500ml tub
  • Surface preparation for acrylic and oil painting
  • High quality acrylic resin with a good level of pigment strength.
  • Dries to a matt white surface with a slight tooth.
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Black canvas primer – Zellen

Oil and Acrylic painting primer (or solvent-based primer) is the more traditional option and today it is faster drying than the very old style primers for oil colour. The characteristics of acrylic and oil primers mean that they have become the preferred option for oil painting and are being chosen over oil and alkyd based canvas primers.

The pigmentation of acrylic and oil primers is carefully controlled and gives sufficient flexibility to avoid cracking, but sufficient rigidity to maintain the tension of the canvas and the correct degree of tooth and absorbency to ensure good adhesion when painted over with either oil or acrylic.