Decoupage tablet cover

Apply podge to the outside of the cover and place the print on top. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles before applying a layer of podge to the top of the print. A small brayer or roller will work well for this. If you don’t have a brayer or roller a brush will suffice.

Do not touch the wet podge, even when it begins to dry and starts to get tacky. You will most definitely remove some of or damage the print. Leave it where it cannot be disturbed and give the cover ample time to dry before the next step (time as stipulated on the label by manufacturer).

When you can run your hand over the top of the entire podged print without it feeling tacky it can be turned over. To be safe perhaps let it lie face down on a plastic bag. Now cut the corners as shown and apply some podge to the cover itself. Fold the print over the edge and apply pressure. Once again smooth out any bubbles before applying the top layer of podge. Give it time to dry properly.