Kraftex Varnish – Mineral Based 250ml

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This mineral-based product is used as a multi-purpose varnish to bring out the rich grain an lusture of quality wood.

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It may be used to coat the sides of any decoupage project – to produce a glossy finish – or it may be used prior to pouring of Kraftex Pratliglo over porous or oily wood in order to prevent bubble formation.

Application Procedure

• Apply at least 2 coats with a bristle brush to give a glossy finish.
• Allow to dry (15-20 min) between coats.
• If used prior to Kraftex Pratliglo application, allow to dry thoroughly (at least 45 min) before pouring the Pratliglo.
• Replace lid to avoid evaporation and store in a cool place.


1. If you use this varnish on a decoupage project incorporating newspaper cuttings, make sure that you seal these items using Kraftex Decoupodge Sealant.
2. Test compatibility of this varnish with the paint you are using on a scrap surface first.