Drawing Mediums

Tuffilm Matte or Gloss Spray – is an acrylic based varnish which protects printed matter, proofs, charcoal and pastel drawings, blue prints, color copies and photographs from dirt, dust and moisture. Water clear and rapid drying it will never change the hue of colours or stain paper. Click here for […]

Grumbacher Tuffilm Spray

Black and grey label. Temporary and final protective coating. Environmentally friendly fixative sprays ideal for protecting the simpliest charcoal drawing to the most professional piece of artwork. The fixative sprays have been developed with the co-operation of artists and art schools. All the fixative sprays are UV resistant and made […]

Ghiant Fix Basic

Designed for Students spray fixative – reworkable, non yellowing, suitable for fixing pastel, charcoal, any dry media. Available in 200ml Click here for more information about how to use fixatives.

Prime Art DFS Fixative

In drawing, a fixative is a liquid, similar to varnish, which is usually sprayed over a finished piece of artwork, usually a dry media artwork, to better preserve it and prevent smudging. THE APPLICATION IS EASY AND REQUIRES ABOUT 5 MINUTES TO DO. • Select a well-ventilated location away from […]

How to use Fixatives