These homemade magnets are a useful and fun way to accessorise your fridge or message boards. From making the salt dough to the final transformation, this workshop is easy! But be careful when you assemble the different parts of the animal and you bake it. Artist tips : We suggest […]

Kids Project – Salt dough & Posca Fridge Magnets

Create an ethnic atmosphere using pebbles collected on a beach or found in a DIY or interior design shop. This is a very easy workshop, in which you will discover the pleasure of painting stones using POSCAs. Artist tips : “Totem pebbles” have limitless combinations (imaginary animals, little monsters, aliens, […]

How to make Totem Pebbles using Poscas

Urban culture and POSCA have a common background. Join us and draw your name like a graffiti artist. Download letters, write your name, and customise it! Artist tips : A person’s personality, his/her interests or passions can also inspire you when decorating the lettering of his/her name. Download the complete […]

Graffiti name using Posca markers

Originally from India, the Mandala is an ancient art and its geometric framework is used for meditation and concentration. You do not have to be talented in drawing to make a beautiful Mandala, you just need a little patience and precision. Artist tips : For those of you who are […]

Create your own Posca Mandala

You have collected tree branches and you do not know what to do with them? We suggest making this very easy decorating feature to brighten up the dark corners of your rooms! Artist tips : You can create a wide range of colour combinations. Roses can be painted in a […]

Rainbow roses with Posca

Transform a plain piece of paper into a 3D greeting card! Download one of our templates and in no time make a personalised greeting card to send fun and colourful messages! Artist tips : To make your card more lively, draw and decorate a setting around your butterfly (nature, flowers, […]

Butterfly Pop Up Card using Posca Markers

Learn how to draw and paint on canvas using Posca Materials needed: Canvas, Brushes, Gesso, Posca paint markers, Art Masking Fluid, Airbrush Paints and Spray Varnish * Prepping the canvas with Gesso before drawing with Posca markers * Transfer image with carbon paper onto canvas * Drawing with Posca markers […]

Drawing on Canvas with Posca Markers

Get inspired with Posca paint markers Posca paint markers are non-toxic, water-based markers that can write on any surfaces (permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces). Uni Poscas can be used on paper, cardboard, canvas, clays, stones, cement, ceramics, wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass and more. Ideal for […]

Uni Posca Introduction