Kraftex Creative Cracks 250ml

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Kraftex Creative Cracks will enable you to effortlessly and quickly create a unique decorative “crack” effect on a variety of painted craft, hobby and artistic objects. This product can even be used on large surfaces such as doors and walls.

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1. Paint your surface with the base colour (The colour that shows through the cracks)
2. Allow enough time for the paint to dry thoroughly!
3. Using a sponge brush, apply one coat of Kraftex Creative Cracks to the painted surface. The thickness of the Kraftex Creative Cracks layer determines the crack size. (Thicker layer = wider cracks).
4. Leave for approximately 10 minutes but do not allow the Kraftex Creative Cracks to dry! (it must still be tacky)
5. Sponge over the second, contrasting colour of your water based paint (P.V.A is good). Apply brush strokes in different directions (cracks tend to follow the line of the brushing). The thickness of the paint layer also marginally affects the crack size (dilute the paint with water if you want thinner cracks).
6. Within minutes cracks will start appearing.
7. Allow the second coat of paint to dry thoroughly!
8. Seal the surface with Kraftex Seal Coat, Kraftex Varnish, or Kraftex Pratliglo – Do not use a water based sealant!
1. Use water based paints (such as acrylic P.V.A) only.
2. Do not allow Kraftex Creative Cracks to completely dry after application.
3. Apply the top paint coat in different directions.
4. Don’t use a water based sealant.