Kraftex Decopodge Sealant 250ml

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This “podge” product is especially useful for sealing newspaper cuttings, porous substrates, decoupage, photographs and the like. Sealing prevents bubble formation and it prevents newspaper cuttings from becoming transparent after pouring Kraftex Pratliglo high gloss coating.

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Kraftex Decopodge Sealant is also a useful adhesive for sticking down photographs and cuttings (use a roller) prior to sealing and coating.

Kraftex Decopodge Sealant Instructions


Application Procedure

• 2-3 coats are recommended for sealing very porous/absorbent surfaces.

• Ensure surfaces are dust, wax and grease free.

• Spread sealant using a sponge brush in one direction.

• Wait 15-20 minutes for it to dry and then do a 2nd coat, brushing at right angles to the first direction. Repeat if a third coat is required.

• If you are using Kraftex Decopodge Sealant with Kraftex Pratliglo, wait at least a half hour until properly dry before pouring Pratliglo. Also, make sure you follow Kraftex Pratliglo instructions carefully.


1. Kraftex Decopodge Sealant is water based and can cause newspaper cuttings to wrinkle. To prevent this, first carefully stick down the cutting using this product and a roller. Only one it has dried, should you seal coat

the top surface.

2. If you are using Kraftex Pratliglo to bring out the rich grain and lustre of quality wood, it must first be sealed with resin based Kraftex Varnish or Kraftex Seal Coat and this water based Kraftex Decopodge Sealant should not be used.


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