Lukas Cryl Acrylic Mediums


Just add a small amount of any of these mediums to your palette and you can instantly transform your acrylic’s abilities. Several of these mediums, including the Gel Retarder, the Cryl Medium #1 and the Retarding Medium significantly prolong the drying time of acrylics, making them perfectly suited for wet-on-wet techniques. This collection of mediums makes an excellent addition to an adventurous artist’s repertoire.

Acrylic Matt Medium 250ml: Water-insoluble matt drying medium which dilutes colours without changing the brilliance of the colour, and without loss of adhesion (contrary to water).

Acrylic Gloss Medium 250ml: Water-insoluble, clear drying medium which dilutes the acrylic colour without loss of adhesion (unlike water) and increases the brilliance of the colour.

Acrylic Retarder 500ml / 125ml Gel Retarder: Use this additive to increase the open/drying time of acrylic paints. It is useful for wet-on-wet techniques. The more drying retarder is used, the more the transparency of the colour is increased.

Gesso Primer 500ml: A white primer in professional studio quality. Produces a mildly absorbant ‘half chalk‘ surface useful for various painting technicques such as oil, acrylic, gouache.