Drawing on Canvas with Posca Markers

Learn how to draw and paint on canvas using Posca

Materials needed: Canvas, Brushes, Gesso, Posca paint markers, Art Masking Fluid, Airbrush Paints and Spray Varnish

* Prepping the canvas with Gesso before drawing with Posca markers
* Transfer image with carbon paper onto canvas
* Drawing with Posca markers
* Blending with Posca markers (remember to clean your tips after blending by drawing/gently rubbing the marker tip on a piece of paper until the tip is clear of the other colours)
* Basic outlining of the image with a black Pasco marker and, profiling the image to add dimension
* Adding character with white Posca markers
* Accenting areas with a fine black paint marker
* Finishing the art with a background
* Applying acrylic spray varnish
* Applying art masking fluid
* Adding background with airbrush paints/inks
* Removing the art masking fluid
* Re-profiling the image
* Final coat of varnish