DIY Project : Craft Chalk Paint and Furniture Wax Finish

Take care when it comes to sanding. You can always sand away more paint if you need to, though if you sand away too much paint you will have to re-apply and wait for it to dry again.

Make sure to sand paint away especially around the detailed areas of your item ie. An ornate carving in the wood as this is where you will get the best effect. Once you have removed some of the paint with the coarse sandpaper, you may wish to now further distress the item by using a finer sandpaper.

For this tutorial I worked in vertical movements (with the grain of the wood) using coarse sandpaper only. If your item doesn’t have a grain or you don’t want a set direction for your sanding you can combine circular motions, with horizontal lines and vertical lines. It depends on the look and feel of the distressed effect you are after.

If you have had an interval between buffing and have forgotten where you stopped buffing, hold the item at an angle to see which areas are shiny vs those that are still matte.

Buffing is done when all areas have transitioned from matte to shiny and they squeak :

The wax will take 3 days to fully cure.

End Notes:

Dala’s ‘Furniture Wax Finish’ will provide your item with a lasting and protective coating, however, if the item is to be placed in wet environments or outdoors, the item must be varnished.

You can choose to varnish instead of waxing, or you can varnish the item even after waxing it.