Dala Acrylic Mediums


Glaze Mediums are pure acrylic Gloss or Matt mediums, which can be used as a fixative, a varnish or binding medium. It can also be used in combination with Tempera paints to improve the colour and life span, and render it waterproof.

Acrylic Gloss Glaze Medium:
Increases depth, transparency and flow.

Acrylic Matt Glaze Medium:
Provides permanent protection.

Acrylic Texture Paste: Acrylic Texture Paste is a pure adhesion promoted acrylic. It is a water-based product and can be diluted with water or Dala Acrylic Glaze medium.
Because of the high viscosity (paste-like consistency) of the product, it is ideal for adding texture to your painting and can be successfully used in combination with any painting medium.

With water based products it may be mixed into the paint or used as a surface preparation. With oil paint it is used only as a surface preparation. For both acrylic and oil paint, it will create an ‘impasto’ texture.