Con.ect is an event aimed at finding Port Elizabeth’s fellow gamers, cosplayers and fandom lovers and bringing those people together, giving them a place to share passions and interests with fellow fans.

The event is focused on the main subjects of Gaming and Cosplay. It will be the first baby step towards a possible larger, annual event for the people of Port Elizabeth to enjoy the company of fellow film, gaming, anime and comic book fans.

If you enjoy dressing up as your favourite comic book hero, movie or gaming character, come along and learn more about the exciting hobby of cosplay and enter the showcase or competition if you’re feeling brave, show others your awesome outfit!

Love Gaming? Whether it be tabletop, console or PC, come take part in the gaming fun! Con.ect runs an annual ESports LAN over 2 days with loads of prizes to be won!

JOIN IN and release your inner geek!

DATE: 5 & 6 October 2019

Tickets will be available on both days at DOOR ONLY.

Get ready for another weekend of Geek Culture! Gaming! Cosplay! Crafts! And so much more!

#Conect2019 #PortElizabethGeekConvention


Ever wanted to dress up?
Play out the role of your favourite fantasy character?
Well now is your chance!

Come along to Crafty Arts and let us help you recreate your costume using a wide variety of materials we have in store.
We stock EVA foam, Worbla moldable plastic, Worbla moldable “glass”, Urecoat, Skin Tite, Alja Safe, Dragon Skin and many other products that can help you transform yourself into the chosen character.

Visit us:
* In store @ 41 6th Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth
* Online
* On Facebook #craftyartssa


Saturday, 5 October – 13:30-15:30 – Prosthetics & Fast Wounds

Workshop Fee: R300 (kit included)
Discounted Con Tickets: R100 (weekend pass) or, R60 (day pass)
Enhance your Cosplay or Halloween character with realistic looking prosthetics, wounds and scars!
You will learn about life casting with Alja-Safe, flesh-like silicone rubbers, making prosthetic silicone appliances and wound making directly onto skin.
Workshoppers will use their kits in class and should have enough left over to ‘gross out’ their friends at Halloween!
Click here to book your spot!

Sunday, 6 October – 14:00-15:45 – Basic mould making

Workshop Fee: R300 (kit included)
Discounted Con Tickets: R100 (weekend pass) or, R60 (day pass)
Learn how to make your own silicone moulds!
Introduction to the different types of silicone rubbers, release agents and types of moulds.
Workshoppers will be making their own small Darth Vader moulds….may the force be with you!
Click here to book your spot!

Sunday, 6 October – 16:15-18:00 – Basic Casting

Workshop Fee: R300 (kit included)
Discounted Con Tickets: R100 (weekend pass) or, R60 (day pass)
Whether you need accessories for your costume, gems in your crown or want to make your own figurines, this workshop is not to be missed!
Introduction to the different types of casting resins.
Workshoppers will be working with two types of casting materials – Smooth Cast 300 and Tarbender (clear resin)
Click here to book your spot!


We are two brothers who have been cosplaying before we even knew what it was. Costume and prop builders, we’ve spent years trying to refine our craft.

Visit them on Facebook #Theduskwoodforge


Saturday, 5 October - 10:00-13:00 - EVA Helmet 
In this workshop you will learn the basics of working with EVA foam: cutting, joining, sealing and finishing your product off.
We will also mention the list of suppliers for the materials used.

Click here to book your spot!


At Sew Creative we are passionate about sewing.  Learn to sew with us and see how easy it is to be creative.  Always fun, always Sew Creative.

Our teaching style is relaxed, professional and interactive to ensure the learner achieves maximum benefit and outcome from attending any of our courses.

Visit them on Facebook #sewcreativepe


Saturday, 5 October – 15:45-18:00 – Make a cloak

Sunday, 6 October – 10:00-14:00 – Armour/ padded top/ other

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Saturday, 5 October
10:00-13:00 – The Duskwood Forge – EVA Helmet
13:15-15:30 – Crafty Arts – Prosthetics & fast wounds
15:45-18:00 – Sew Creative – Make a cloak

Sunday, 6 October
10:00-14:00 – Sew Creative – Armour / padded top / other
14:00-15:45 – Crafty Arts – Basic mould making
16:15-18:00 – Crafty Arts – Basic casting