WALL HANGING OR BLIND Dala Picture Perfect is a TRANSFER CREAM that allows you to transfer any copy of a photo, gift-wrap or print onto fabric. It will enable you to decorate clothing, cushions, bedding or anything made from fabric with your favorite snapshots. This new product is not only […]

Friendship Wall hanging or blind

SERVIETTE DECOUPAGE ON WOOD You will need: Podge Craft Paint: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, White Crazy Cracks Dala Deco Varnish (Heat Resistant) Serviette and large coaster Applique paper Stencil brush Large brush Large Varnish brush Sponge sander Cardboard and masking tape ‘Lazy Susan’ (optional) Iron Small scissors, palette-knife and palette […]

Serviette decoupage on wood

SERVIETTE DECOUPAGE ON PORCELAIN You will need: Serviette applique paper mug, plate soft round number one brush fine decoupage scissors 50% water vinegar solution. Dala Ceramics@Home Clear Varnish Podge Method: Tear the 2 back layers of the serviette off. Cut out applique paper the same size as the serviette Follow […]

Serviette decoupage on porcelain

SERVIETTE DECOUPAGE ON FABRIC Fabricoupage, better known in South Africa as Serviette Decoupage, is the latest crafters rage to hit Europe, America and South Africa. This craft can be done on various of surfaces, fabric being perhaps the most common and certainly one of the most versatile surfaces used. By […]

Serviette decoupage on fabric

SCISSOR HOLDER Equipment Wooden blank Craft knife (scalpel type) Cutting mat (self healing) Scissors (embroidery or manicure) Sandpaper – 800 grit Wood filler (if needed) Paint brushes Dala white Craft Paint Dala colour (your choice of two contrasting) Craft Paint Dala Podge Dala Crazy Cracks medium Dala Craft Glue 0.8mm […]

Scissors Holder

PRETTY PETS Dala’s new Picture Perfect, a versatile picture transferring medium, allows you to decorate clothing, cushions, bedding or anything else made from fabric with your favourite snapshots. This new, easy-to-use product is not only ideal to use for fabric scrap booking projects, but also to create special gifts and […]

Pretty Pets – Decoupage on Fabric

Apply podge to the outside of the cover and place the print on top. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles before applying a layer of podge to the top of the print. A small brayer or roller will work well for this. If you don’t have a brayer or […]

Decoupage tablet cover

DECOUPAGE WOODEN BOX EQUIPMENT: Cutting Knife (scalpel type, revolving blade best) Cutting (‘self healing’) Mat Sharp Point (Embroidery or Manicure) Scissors Sand or Water Paper (600, 800 & 1000 grit) Wood Filler Foam Brushes &/or Soft Nylon Brushes 0.8mm Cork Sheeting Dala Craft or School Glue (to attach cork to […]

Decoupage Wooden Box

How about creating a magnificent family heirloom? A technique that has been around for a very long time, namely “poor man’s work ”, is ideal for this purpose. Decoupage is an affordable craft for achieving long lasting results. Materials:  Dala Craft paint (100ml) Dala Podge (500ml) Dala Acrylic Matt Glaze […]

Decoupage Toy Box

Items needed Tin (blank) Dala Craft Paint of your choice of colour or two to three contrasting colours (if sponging as in project) Methylated spirits or vinegar water mixed – 50/50 Dala Podge (used as a glue and sealer) Dala Deco Varnish (Gloss or Dead Flat) or Acrylic Gloss Glaze […]

Decoupage on Tin

YOU WILL NEED: Shallow, flat glass bowl Dala Craft paints – Metallic White no M14 – Caramel no CP30 Gold, Pearl and Copper powder pigments Dala Ceramics @ Home no 15 (clear) 3 Small plastic containers Soft, flat natural bristle paint brush (2 cm) 2.5 cm flat sponge applicator brush […]

Decoupage on Glass

Blue Craft Paint (Dala No. 6) for the base coat Dala Crazy Cracks White (Dala No. 21) craft paint for the top coat Acrylic Paint – your choice of any colour combination. We used Dala Acrylic Colours: Red Oxide (No. 18), Veridian (No. 15), Emerald Green (No. 14) and Yellow […]

Crazy Cracks Tin

Introduction Make a special case for a decoupeur in which to keep source materials such as art prints, border patterns or geometric patterns and memorabilia. This project will challenge you to apply unusual techniques such as background creation, transferring a print to a rounded surface and ageing by means of […]

Collector’s Case

YOU WILL NEED Paper images of your choice MDF (superwood) shoebox Foam applicator brush for painting Soft paintbrush for podging and varnishing Piece of 300- and 800-grit sandpaper Dala Podge Dala White Craft Paint (no 21) Dala Large Crack Base Dala Crackle Glaze Dala Antique Rub – Bronze – No […]

Antique Crackled Shoe Box

Equipment Wooden blank Sandpaper – 800 grit Wood filler (if needed) Paint brush Dala white Craft Paint Dala colour (your choice) Craft Paint Dala Podge Dala Large Crack base Dala Crackle Glaze Dala Artist’s Clear Varnish Dala Antique Rub Dala Craft Glue 0.8mm cork Paper print / picture Clean, soft […]

Antique crackled box

MATERIALS NEEDED 50x50cm 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) Black & White photocopy (of photo) Dala Picture Perfect Dala white & black Fabric paints Dala gold Fabric paints Dala gold glitter Artliner METHOD Cut your photocopy to desired size. Apply a layer of Dala Picture Perfect onto print side of the photocopy. Place […]

50th Anniversary Cushion