Oil Paints

The perfect oil travel companion with 6 colors and 5 short handled brushes. Georgian Oil colors are highly reliable and provide the heavy bodied texture required for endless creative painting techniques. They are fully intermixable and have a high pigment content. The selection of 5 Georgian brushes features the finest […]

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Color Travel Case (PLU:11819)

For students, amateur painters, and professional artists using high volumes of color, Winton Oil Colour is the ultimate high-quality, economical oil paint. Winton Oils are formulated using high concentrations of moderately priced pigments that possess good covering power and tinting strength — including genuine cadmiums and cobalts. Every Winton Oil […]

Winton Oils

High pigment concentration. Cadmium and cobalt colours include genuine cadmium and cobalt pigments. Exceptionally permanent and brilliant colours. Colours are consistent from wet to dry All colours are rated as Permanent**** or Normally Permanent*** Smooth and buttery consistency, ideal for experimenting different brush and knife techniques. Available in 54 colours. […]

Daler Rowney Georgian Oils

Lukas 1862 Master Quality oil paints are incredibly smooth, with a consistently ground particle size. This is accomplished by grinding the pigments up to 7 times through a triple roller mill. Incomparable colour intensity. Blend of pure, refined linseed oil, sunflower oil and beeswax. Smooth consistency and buttery feel. Shorter […]

Lukas 1862 Artist Oils

  Lukas Studio Oil Colours have high lightfastness (most shades measure 7-8 on the Blue Wool scale). The colours are brilliant, and are easy to mix, and they can be used straight from the tube. For decades Lukas Studio Oil Colours have been the paint of choice for oil painting […]

Lukas Studio Oil Paints