Acrylic Mediums

Just add a small amount of any of these mediums to your palette and you can instantly transform your acrylic’s abilities. Several of these mediums, including the Gel Retarder, the Cryl Medium #1 and the Retarding Medium significantly prolong the drying time of acrylics, making them perfectly suited for wet-on-wet […]

Lukas Cryl Acrylic Mediums

Enhance the beauty of your artwork while guarding it from environmental damage. Grumbacher varnishes are ideal as a final coating for dry oil and acrylic paintings, offering protection from dirt, moisture, and scuffs. Picture Varnish, Gloss — A final varnish for dry oil and acrylic paintings that protects them from […]

Grumbacher Spray Varnishes

It was only relatively recently, in the mid-20th century, that acrylic colours were developed to offer artists a new, vibrant and exciting painting alternative. The versatility of acrylics and their immediate popularity soon led to the introduction of acrylic mediums, a range of products designed to enhance the benefits of […]

Daler Rowney Acrylic Mediums

Glaze Mediums are pure acrylic Gloss or Matt mediums, which can be used as a fixative, a varnish or binding medium. It can also be used in combination with Tempera paints to improve the colour and life span, and render it waterproof. Acrylic Gloss Glaze Medium: Increases depth, transparency and […]

Dala Acrylic Mediums