Drawing&Decorating (Paint markers)

Learn how to draw and paint on canvas using Posca Materials needed: Canvas, Brushes, Gesso, Posca paint markers, Art Masking Fluid, Airbrush Paints and Spray Varnish * Prepping the canvas with Gesso before drawing with Posca markers * Transfer image with carbon paper onto canvas * Drawing with Posca markers […]

Drawing on Canvas with Posca Markers

Get inspired with Posca paint markers Posca paint markers are non-toxic, water-based markers that can write on any surfaces (permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces). Uni Poscas can be used on paper, cardboard, canvas, clays, stones, cement, ceramics, wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass and more. Ideal for […]

Uni Posca Introduction