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Rosaspina is a hidden jewel among printmaking papers! It performs as well as 100% rag papers and is excellent for all printmaking techniques. Its 60% cotton content and lack of external sizing give it a sumptuously soft surface ideal for deep etching, aquatint, intaglio, lithography and silkscreen. It makes for […]

Fabriano Rosaspina Paper

Created with 100% cotton, this paperboard is indicated for all printmaking techniques (engraving, lithography, silk-screening, xylography and linocuts). It is mould made, size 56×76 with all edges deckled. The watermark is fixed point and placed below right on the sheet. Tiepolo 290gms is pH neutral, assuring inalterability over time.


Gentile is a product with felt-marked surfaces. Made of 25% cotton and high quality cellulose. It is acid free to guarantee its long performance in time. It is manufactured according to ISO 9706 “LONG LIFE” regulations. It is suitable for multicolour printing, art prints, deluxe editions, calendars, posters, catalogues, announcement, […]

Fabriano Gentile

Fabriano Artistico paper is mould made, produced whit 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time. The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent and retaining its nature unaltered even if scratched. Traditional white, whitout optical bleaching. The high quality and […]

Fabriano Artistico Traditional White

Hahnemühle Bamboo sketch 105 gsm is the first sketch paper in the Hahnemühle Traditional FineArt Collection made of Bamboo fibres. The natural white paper which is extremely age resistant has a unique and rough surface suitable for sketch and drawing techniques. This warm toned, high quality paper allows excellent contrast […]

Bamboo 105 gsm Paper

Whether you are looking for smooth or textured paper, thin or heavy paper, or any combination for beautiful printmaking—you’ve come to the right place! Printmaking Papers are not just for printmaking. Some printmaking papers have become favorites for drawing or mixed media techniques. The distinguishing feature of a good printmaking […]

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