This Dough Machine comes with moulds and dies for endless fun. It is exclusively produced by FILA in Italy and certified for children aged 2 and over. Safe, break resistant and easy to use, the set contains 5 coloured dough pots and accessories to give shape to your child’s imagination.

Giotto Be-Be My Dough Machine 10pc (PLU:340954)

Modelling is fun! Discover a brand new world of creativity with Giotto Be-bè modelling dough. This soft dough is made from all-natural ingredients for safe playtime, and helps improve dexterity even in very young children. The set includes: 1 x modelling snail 3 x 100g soft dough 1 x rolling […]

Giotto Be-Be My Modelling Snail 6pc (PLU:340953)

Come up to the chalkboard! Draw, erase and draw again, all day long, with the Giotto Be-bè Super chalks! Children can give free rein to their imagination with these safe, dust-free dermatologically tested chalks designed for use on the chalkboard, complete with chalk holders and eraser. All the accessories are […]

Giotto My Be-Be Super Desk 23pc (PLU:340955)

Giotto be-bè have designed a unique gift for younger artists. The exclusive carry-case, made from ultra-resistant plastic, includes everything you need to encourage your child’s creativity and spontaneity. It can be taken anywhere, thanks to the carrying-handle. The case contains: 12 Super large pencils, 12 super large fibre pens, and […]

Giotto My Be-Be Super Color Box 26pc (PLU:160605)

Let your creativity sparkle. GIOTTO Turbo Glitter pens are the ideal way to create sparkly drawings. Practical, fun and original they are perfect for decorating greetings cards, customising your diary, or adding an original touch to exercise books. The special glitter inks, in 8 different colours, are dedicated to creative […]

Giotto Turbo Glitter (PLU:180347)

Fibre pens with washable, secure ink in eight different flowery fragrances. Long lasting super resistant nib, fixed tip, ventilated cap and child proof stopper. Learning Outcomes * Fine Motor Skills * Sensory Awareness

Giotto Turbo Scent

The pen that changes colour! One colour or two? No problem! With Giotto Turbo Bicolor, the colours double up and change. First draw, then colour over with the special white pen to change the shade. With a normal pen, blue is blue. With a Bicolor, it changes shade. The colouring […]

Giotto Turbo Bicolor (PLU:180350)

  Extra Large Size Sticks – 70mm x 10mm Brilliant fade resistant colours. Strong resilient sticks to reduce breakage. Creamy softness makes pastels easy to lay down & produce varying textures. Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily. Ideal for most types of paper Including pastel, watercolour, cartridge, craft etc. Also […]

Giotto Oil Pastels