Working with soft artists pencils is a pleasure with this sharpener. Due to their robust and hard leads, graphite pencils can be sharpened to a very thin point. Given their softer leads, colour pencils are sharpened to a shorter and blunter point. For optimum sharpening, we recommend replacing the sharpener […]

Cretacolor Artists Sharpener with Container

Marino captivates with its brilliant colors, soft stroke, and exceptionally high lightfastness ratings. Its true distinction reveals itself, however, when dissolved with water — clear lines flow into smooth transitions to produce stunning watercolor washes. Fully blendable colors achieve an infinite number of shades. Available in individual pencils as well […]

Cretacolor Marino Aquarelle Pencils

This foundation set includes the quintessential tools needed for all drawing classes. These ten fundamental drawing pencils are recommended by the top 15 American art academies as essential for drawing students. Includes graphite, charcoal & pastel pencils as well as a blending tool.

Artist Studio Drawing 101

Newly launched by Cretacolor, the Studioline range of of graphite and colour pencils is an economical yet high quality range of pencils products. Made in Austria, with the same high standards as the rest of the Cretacolor range, Studioline offers entry level value with comprimising quality. The range of 12 […]

Studioline Graphic Pencil Set

The ideal companion to your favorite pastels, Fine Art Pastel Pencils are superb for fine detail work. Enveloped in a protective case of cedar, 72 luminous colors make for portable pastel perfection. Rich pigmentation and high lightfastness guarantee brilliant results. Email us for more info…

Cretacolor Pastel Pencils

An oil-based charcoal that produces a shiny black, smudge-proof stroke. Water-resistant pencils, leads, and sticks work in excellent combination with traditional charcoal and all manner of water media when a permanent line is needed In pencil form, it is available in 5 different grades: Extra soft, soft, medium, hard and […]

Nero Oil Charcoal Pencils

This versatile drawing medium can be used on its side for broad strokes or with a sharpened point for detail. These pencils are capable of a broad range of marks and are pre-sharpened. The pencils are excellent quality, have a lacquer coated body to keep hands clean and are woodless […]

Woodless Charcoal Pencils

  Artist quality, lightfast and brilliantly pigmented pastel squares, formulated to be soft working but with enough foundation to hold a crisp line and capable of a wide range of aqueous techniques. Superb for pastel and watercolor surfaces. Cretacolor Carré Pastels measure 7.2 cm long x .8 cm diameter. Sold […]

Cretacolor Pastels