Poxyart Clear Cast Resin

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PoxyArt Resin is a two-part Epoxy Resin that can be used for Resin Art, Clear Coating existing art, and making Resin Castings using silicone moulds. Our Resin has no Fumes or VOCs, and is not flammable.

Things to take note of before you begin:

– Only mix as much resin as you need, rather mix too little and add more, than mix too much and waste.

– Our Resin is self-levelling, so make sure you work on a level work surface.

– Working in a warm room helps the Resin flow easier, you can even place your premixed resin and hardener in a bowl of warm water before mixing. (NOTE: Place bottles in a plastic bag so it does not come in direct contact with the water).

– Cover your work area with a protective pvc plastic sheet, because any spills will be hard to remove once set.

– Gloves are recommended purely because it can get messy.

– Before the resin has set, it can be cleaned with Acetone.

– PoxyArt resin can be tinted with Acrylic or Enamel based pigments. (Test water based pigments/paints/inks in a small quantity first as some of the cheaper brands may make the resin grainy or clumpy – please contact us if you would like more info about suitable paint brands that you can use)


This is a wonderful resin to experiment with various applications including resin pouring art.

Available in 200ml and 1lt.

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200ml, 1lt