Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Papers


Artistico is recognized worldwide as the flagship of Fabriano watercolor papers.

The hot press (grana satinata) is the smoothest watercolor paper on the market and a favorite for precise digital printing.

Rough (grana grossa) has an extraordinary, rugged texture recalling the finest handmade papers.

Soft press (grana dolce) is an exclusive surface recently created by Fabriano in cooperation with Savoir-Faire as a response to the techniques and aesthetic needs of artists today.

Mould-made, 100% rag, watermarked with 2 deckle edges. A professional artists choice at a mid-range price.

Papers are luxurious yet durable and can handle lifting and scraping without compromising their integrity.

Suitable for all water media, printmaking, digital printing, charcoal, pastel, and other drawing applications.

Available in:

300gm HP 1.4x10m
300gm CP 1.4x10m

200gm & 300gm R 56x76cm
200gm & 300gm CP 56x76cm
200gm & 300gm HP 56x76cm