Drawing Accessories

This stylish canvas pencil wrap has individual compartments to hold and protect up to 30 full size pencils and accessories. The wrap unrolls flat for easy access to the contents and when you are ready to move on, you just roll it up again. It is quite simply a must-have […]

Derwent Pencil Wrap

Adjustable to a wide degree of widths. Made of nickeled brass with finished wood handle. Will hold crayons, pastels, charcoal and drawing leads.

Charcoal Holder

Eraser Shields are a fantastic tool for your art box. Simply lay the shield over your drawing and position the required hole over the area you wish to erase. Rub with an eraser without the risk of accidental erasing. Perfect for highlights and when you need to be precise.

Eraser Shields

Ideal for sharpening or shaping your pencil or block to the exact angle you need. The sandpaper block also comes in useful for creating spattering techniques and for cleaning your paper stump.

Sandpaper Block

A blister containing 2 of each of the blender and burnisher pencils plus an eraser and sharpener. The Blender pencil is a soft colourless pencil that allows you to blend two or more colours together to create a new colour. At the same time it physically mixes and smoothes the […]

Derwent Blender & Burnisher Blister Set

Wooden manikins, male and female. Available in 20″, 12″, 8″, 4.5″ options. We also stock 12″ wooden adult male hand manikin. Available in left or right options as well as wooden feet and a horse mannikin as well as a 2D plastic mannikin.


An ingenious drawing tool invaluable to artists. It makes it easy to transfer measurements from life, photographs and sketches ensuring you achieve accurate proportions every time. This practical drawing tool allows you to scale your pictures in ratios from 4:1 to 1:4. When not in use it folds neatly away […]

Derwent Scale Divider

A set of stumps for blending and smudging pastels, graphite and charcoals. Also known as blending tools. Some artists use their fingers to spread the medium, but many argue that blending tools are much better. Your fingers contain oils that can contaminate the medium, leading to smudges or areas that […]

Paper Stumps Blending Tools