Art Erasers

This is a lead eraser for erasing pencil lines from all design carriers. The ARISTO eraser contains no abrasive additives, therefore india ink lines are not attacked. The abrasion reels graphite and dirt particle in. Therefore the eraser surface remains always clean.

Aristo PVC Free Eraser

While these are also made out of rubber, they are much softer than what we consider typical rubber erasers. When used, gum erasers tend to crumble but don’t worry, this it supposed to happen! The crumbs actually help absorb the graphite. The nice thing about gum erasers is that since […]

Maries Gum Eraser

Designed for work with graphite pencils, the soft, white Monolith Eraser draws its stregth from genuine natural rubber. For erasing, retouching and removing marks from lead pencils drawings.

Cretacolor Monolith Eraser

A set of stumps for blending and smudging pastels, graphite and charcoals. Also known as blending tools. Some artists use their fingers to spread the medium, but many argue that blending tools are much better. Your fingers contain oils that can contaminate the medium, leading to smudges or areas that […]

Paper Stumps Blending Tools

You may find yourself playing with this one more than actually using it to erase. That’s because it’s soft, flexible, and can be easily formed and sculpted into various shapes. Kneadable erasers work by lifting pigment (graphite and charcoal) off the surface. Because of this, paper is left undamaged with […]

Kneadable Art Eraser