245 Pc rotary mini tool kit (PLU:140511)

Rotary tool: TCMT001
Wattage: 135W
Speed range: 8000 – 32500 rpm

The set includes the TCMT001 rotary tool with mini tool accessories.

The rotary tool can be used for:


Mini Tool Applications
9000 – 35000 These mini tools can be used for cleaning, de-burring and grinding metals. It can also be used for sharpening lawn mower blades etc.
9000 – 35000 These mini tools are popularly used by gem enthusiasts. Stone, ceramics, glass and porcelain can easily be cleaned and polished.
4500 – 11000 The abrasive discs, drums and flapper discs are used for shaping and sanding wood and plastics. It can also be used for light de-burring metals.
4500 – 26000
4000 – 20000
4500 – 20000
18000 – 35000 These mini bits are mostly used for engraving fine detail work on wood, jade, ceramics and glass.
9000 – 35000 Mini milling bits for milling into wood, soft metals and plastics.
4500 – 35000 Mini drill bits for drilling into wood, soft metals and plastics.
4000 – 20000 The felt and cloth tips are called buff tips and these mini tools fit on mandrels. The polishing compound is applied to the buff tip and it is used to remove fine scratch marks on plastics or metals.
4000 – 15000 The steel and brass mini tool brushes are used for cleaning and removing corrosion from metals. It can also be used to achieve a brushed finish on aluminium.
9000 – 35000 The mini tool cutting disc is great for cutting, sawing and carving hard materials.
4500 – 35000 These abrasive mini tools are used to cut plastic, wood and metals.
The wrench is used for tightening the mini tool in the chuck. Make sure the collet is in place before tightening.
The arbors are used to hold the sanding sleeves. The back end of the wrench is used to tighten the screw to secure the sanding sleeves on the arbor.
The collet fits into the chuck to hold mini tools. The mini tool’s shaft diameter needs to be the same as the collet’s to fit.
These mini tools are called mandrels. They are used to hold sanding discs, polishing buffs and grinding cut-off wheels.
The stone is used to clean the mini tool grinding wheels.